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May 17/18

Playoffs will be the weekend of May 17th and 18th. Within the next week or two, at least 40 games will be added to the schedule on Saturday May 17th, as semifinals for U9 through U19 in addition to at least 20 finals on Sunday May 18th. Teams will be seeded after their games on May 11th.

There are already U7 and U8 games on the schedule for May 17th as these teams do not participate in playoffs. Only sign up for the U7/U8 games if you intend to stay on them. Do not fill those games and then ask to drop so you can move over to U9 through U19 playoff games. The playoff games will be added – just be patient. There will be special sign-up restrictions put in place, once the schedules are released, for the higher level referees to sign up first.


Denial of an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity by either deliberately handling the ball or by a foul/infraction that results in a free kick is punishable by a red card.  Guest instructor Lee Eichenbaum from NOCRA covered this topic in our March monthly meeting.

PRO’s Play of the Week this week  provides 3 videos of both DOGSO and non-DOGSO scenarios and gives a great graphic illustrating Direction of play, one of the  four “D” criteria referees use to determine if a scenario is an OGSO.  Remember, as the age and skill of the players gets lower, play must be at a narrower angle of attack and even closer to the goal before the opportunity can be considered obvious.

Here’s the link:—2014—wk4.php