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Fall League – Week 1 – Important Info

importantinfoThis weekend’s schedule is now finalized and, as of this moment, all refereeing spots have been filled.

Make sure you are EARLY to your assignments – 30 minutes at least.  I start getting phone calls from nervous coaches at 8:45am when you aren’t already at the field.

If there are locked gate issues, locked equipment issues, etc., let me know ASAP so I can notify the proper people.  You will receive equipment lock combinations via my e-mail version of this which will be sent by Friday.

Player Cards

Player cards are not required for games this weekend.  The coach should have signed Medical Releases (CalSouth Player Registration Forms) for all players.  If not, make sure the parents are present at the game and plan to stay, just in case there is a severe injury.

Let the coach know they should have those forms with them at all times, including at practices.

Standard Fall Recreational Rules
A copy of the 2015 JUSA Handbook is available here.  I will have copies available at the next referee meeting
Remember that the following apply for Recreational games in the fall:
  • U12 and U14 brackets allow free substitutions, at any stoppage, with permission of the referee, at all age levels.
  • There are quarter breaks on all small-sided 8v8 games – U7 through U10.  Substitutions may ONLY be made during the quarter and halftime break.
  • Home team occupies the North or West sideline.  While this is not necessarily a refereeing issue, we are often asked to arbitrate such disagreements.

Referee fees for Recreational games have not changed since 2014.  The fee schedule is available below:

JUSA Fall 2015 Referee Fees

NOTE: There will be changes to the Signature fee collection procedure and possibly the rates themselves.  More information will be given prior to the start of Signature play on September 12th once final decisions have been made by Cal South.

It is everyone’s responsibility in the referee crew to bring small bills in order to split the fees correctly.