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Be EARLY – This is the first week, teams are new to some of the fields, there may be issues finding/unlocking equipment.  It’s better to sort that out at 8:30 instead of 8:55.

I noticed a few referees on games over the summer with untucked jerseys. Tuck your jerseys in.   

It could get up to 92 tomorrow with 57% humidity.  Give short water breaks ON U12 and up games if necessary.  Games are still 90 mins. or 120 mins. apart, so give them back the time spent getting water.

Remember, Recreational U8 through U10 play QUARTERS during regular season.

Quarter breaks are NOT a halftime.

Players should get a quick sip of water, coaches should make substitutions, referees should mark the players sitting out to make sure everyone plays 3 quarters, and then play resumes.

If you let the players go sit under a canopy or on their parents’ laps, you will waste 5 minutes trying to get them back on the field.

Goal Sizes
All 7v7 games use 6’x18′ goals

All 9v9 games should be using 7’x21′ goals, but fields may only have 6’x18′ or 8’x24′ available right now.  Use 6’x18′ instead of 8’x24′ if no 7’x21′ are available.  Vista del Verde and Bryant Ranch may only have 8×24 and Vista Del Verde still has an 11v11 size field (100 yards x 60 yards), apparently, instead of 80 yards x 50 yards.

All 11v11 games use standard size 8’x24′ goals

Referee Fees
The fee schedule is linked on the schedule website after you log in. Collect the correct amount.

Player Cards
No teams have player cards yet.

Coaches should have received the printouts of the medical release forms at uniform pickup.  Check the bottom for signatures and remind them to have the parent sign if there’s no signature.  Otherwise, they are useless if the parent is not present at a game or practice and the child needs medical attention.

Supplemental Rules for 7v7 and 9v9 play
If you signed up for games, you had to pass a quiz, so you should know everything right?

Remember, NO BUILD OUT LINE ON 9v9 GAMES.  Some 9v9 fields may have had one erroneously marked on the field – IGNORE IT.  Goalkeepers can drop kick the ball in 9v9, players can ignore the line.

I do not want to start hearing coaches telling me that the Build Out Line is enforced differently every week.  There’s one interpretation and it’s very clear.

All games this Saturday are Recreational so there’s NO HEADING U12 and below.

Put Equipment Away After Last Game
School starts next week so we want to make sure all equipment is put away after the last game at each field.  Last games are marked with notes in the schedule.

JUSA Fall Supplemental Rules 2017-2018


JUSA Recreational Soccer 2017-2018 Supplemental Rules

JUSA Recreational Soccer 2017-2018 Supplemental Rules – Offside Interpretation

These documents cover the Build Out Line implementations for fall, include Offside Modifications related to the Build Out Line, and the no heading policies.

Build Out Line Offside Modifications
Offside Modifications for Build Out Line
At the moment that the ball is touched or played by a teammate, a player in the area between the Build Out Line and the halfway line cannot be deemed in an offside position.

Scenario 1
Scenario 1

Scenario 2
Scenario 2

Scenario 3
Scenario 3

Scenario 4
Scenario 4

JUSA Signature Friendship Tournament 2017 – Aug 5th/6th

Keep games on time.  There should be enough time between games – 40 minute games have 60 minute spacing, 50 minute games have 70 minute spacing, etc.
Allow water breaks if necessary or requested – AR’s should have sidelines prepared – make them quick…
Record scores on game card coaches have and return to them.  Sample attached.

Tournament Rules are attached.  Here’s a rundown:

U9 – 20 minute halves  (Final is 25, but only B9 has a final and NOCRA is covering)
U10 – 25 minute halves all games
U11/U12 – 25 minute halves (Final is 30 minutes)
U13 – 30 minute halves (FRYSC/NOCRA covering finals)
U14/U15 – 35 minute halves all games

No overtime in any games – straight to kicks for Semi-finals or Finals (designated on schedule).  No kicks needed if a Consolation game ties.

U12 games are 9v9 as they will be this fall.  U11 games continue to be 9v9 as they were last year.

BUILD OUT LINE – U9, U10 & U11 ( ** NOT U12 ** )
Using 10-second rule from last fall’s Signature League and JUSA Spring League.  Use your words if the team is close to 10 seconds – should be able to avoid the indirect free kick for violating 10 seconds.
No modification of offside for build-out line

HEADING – no heading U9/U10/U11.  U12 heading is okay as it’s a single-year division
Indirect Free Kick – move to top of penalty area if by defense in their own area.

Coin toss for side/kick-off

Quick equipment check – no need to check cards/medical releases

No casts