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Be EARLY – This is the second week, but the first week for most teams. Many teams are new to some of the fields, there may be issues finding/unlocking equipment.  It’s better to sort that out at 8:30 instead of 8:55.

Referee Fees – ESPECIALLY G14
The Referee Fees document is here

NOTE: If you’re doing G14 games, these are part of InterCity this fall and the fee is $49 per team, not $42 per team like B14 Rec.

Player Cards & Match Reports

Recreational (“Rec” games in the “Type” column on the schedule):  No teams have player cards yet.  They should present medical release forms and a handwritten game card.
Signature (“Sig” games): All JUSA teams playing at JUSA fields tomorrow should have player cards.  I have no clue about the away teams.  There’s been zero communication from Cal South or the JUSA Signature Director.  The teams might be able to print the match reports online – I have no idea…
InterCity (“IntrCty” games): Only 2 JUSA teams have cards so far – I have no idea which two.  Some teams may be able to print the match reports from the online schedule, some might not.  Again, no communication from Cal South.

All of this is caused by the new concussion form that every player must turn in.  It’s been a major headache trying to get the forms turned in and just as hard to get them recorded in Cal South’s online registration system.  Until every player on the team has cleared the concussion form requirement, the team cannot be activated online and no player cards for any player on that team can be printed.  So, as you can tell, this is causing a major delay.   Without being able to activate the team (and the players on the team), the manager may not be able to print out a match report for Signature or InterCity, so that makes it even harder.

Bottom Line:   All I can tell you is that you’ll just have to let whoever shows up, play, as long as they have a medical release or a parent/guardian present, and they’re properly uniformed and equipped.

Supplemental Rules for 7v7 and 9v9 play
Again – CONSISTENCY is vital.  If you signed up for games, you had to pass a quiz, so you should know everything right?

Remember, NO BUILD OUT LINE ON 9v9 GAMES.  Some 9v9 fields may have had one erroneously marked on the field – IGNORE IT.  Goalkeepers can drop kick the ball in 9v9, players can ignore the line.

I do not want to start hearing coaches telling me that the Build Out Line is enforced differently every week.  There’s one interpretation and it’s very clear.

No heading in Rec U12 and below.  Heading is ALLOWED in Signature U12. Heading is not allowed in Signature U11 and below

Remember, Recreational U8 through U10 play QUARTERS during regular season.

Quarter breaks are NOT a halftime.

Players should get a quick sip of water, coaches should make substitutions, referees should mark the players sitting out to make sure everyone plays 3 quarters, and then play resumes.

If you let the players go sit under a canopy or on their parents’ laps, you will waste 5 minutes trying to get them back on the field.

Put Equipment Away After Last Game
Make sure all equipment is put away after the last game at each field.