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Spring 2021 Information

JUSA Spring Season registration in process. First JUSA games will be in late April and May. Only Rec and Rec Gold (Signature or Strong Rec Teams) this season. No Club teams. 

1) You need to have a 2021 badge. I am removing those refs without a badge from the approved ref list, and you will not be able to self assign. Contact if you have questions about your badge. 

2) Ref Fees: Home team will pay 100% of the ref fees. Spring Ref fees are attached. It matches Spring 2020 pay at $1.50 per minute. U8 is one ref and all others age groups are assigned 3 refs.

3) Home team will sit on the North or West side of the field. Coaches must stay in technical area. No parents/coaches can sit or stand behind goals. Parents sit on the left side of their team bench. ARs do not have parents behind them! See picture below: 

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 10.15.57 PM.png

For Re-Certifying Referees:

Grassroots Referees (Previous grade 9,8 & 7)- You will need to complete the 2021 recertification Quiz online. Please click on the link below for that quiz.
You will need a 80% to pass it.

National & Regional Emeritus Referees:
You`ll need to complete the Regional Online Test with at least 80% score. Please click the link below to start:

Regional Referees (Previous Grade 6 & 5): You`ll need to make sure to complete all 2021 requirements for approval. You can start on the online Regional test below:

For New Grassroots Referees (Previous Grade 9, 8 & 7):
1) Go can now go to our Events Calendar page to register to attend a Referee in person field training.

2) You will need to complete the new Grassroots Referee online course to complete the Laws of the Game test. This is done through US Soccer by clicking the link below:

You will need to “Sign Up” with US Soccer.
Then “Create a Referee Profile”.
Last, take that online course.

If you are a transfer or former AYSO – Please click on the link below to fill out the crossover form. Postings/AYSOUSSFcrosscertificationagreement8-5-19.pdf

Then email that to to notify Laura Dudoit you have made payment.

For all referees 18 years and older: You will need to complete Live Scan for Cal South & SafeSport Training. Email for instructions.