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Spring 2021 Information

JUSA Spring Season registration in process. First JUSA games will be from May 8th to June 13th. Only Rec and Rec Gold (Signature or Strong Rec Teams) this season. No Club teams. 

1) You need to have a 2021 badge. I am removing those refs without a badge from the approved ref list, and you will not be able to self assign. Contact if you have questions about your badge. 

2) Ref Fees: Home team will pay 100% of the ref fees. Spring Ref fees are attached. It matches Spring 2020 pay at $1.50 per minute. U8 is one ref and all others age groups are assigned 3 refs.

3) Home team will sit on the North or West side of the field. Coaches must stay in technical area. No parents/coaches can sit or stand behind goals. Parents sit on the left side of their team bench. ARs do not have parents behind them! See picture below: 

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 10.15.57 PM.png

For Re-Certifying Referees:

Grassroots Referees (Previous grade 9,8 & 7)- You will need to complete the 2021 recertification Quiz online. Please click on the link below for that quiz.
You will need a 80% to pass it.

National & Regional Emeritus Referees:
You`ll need to complete the Regional Online Test with at least 80% score. Please click the link below to start:

Regional Referees (Previous Grade 6 & 5): You`ll need to make sure to complete all 2021 requirements for approval. You can start on the online Regional test below:

For New Grassroots Referees (Previous Grade 9, 8 & 7):
1) Go can now go to our Events Calendar page to register to attend a Referee in person field training.

2) You will need to complete the new Grassroots Referee online course to complete the Laws of the Game test. This is done through US Soccer by clicking the link below:

You will need to “Sign Up” with US Soccer.
Then “Create a Referee Profile”.
Last, take that online course.

If you are a transfer or former AYSO – Please click on the link below to fill out the crossover form. Postings/AYSOUSSFcrosscertificationagreement8-5-19.pdf

Then email that to to notify Laura Dudoit you have made payment.

For all referees 18 years and older: You will need to complete Live Scan for Cal South & SafeSport Training. Email for instructions.


Week 9 Fall 2019

This week lets focus on having fun, and running all that candy off we stole from our kids halloween stash! In other words, don’t be a “center circle” ref and make sure if you are the center, run the field. Kids, coaches and parents will appreciate your energy and your close up viewpoint. You want to be neither too close nor too far from the action: 10-12 yards is a good rule of thumb. If you are the AR, run along the touchline, between the halfway line and the goal line, keeping level with the 2nd-to-last-defender or the ball, whichever is closer to the goal line. Keep up! 
Here is a quick NOCRA quiz on handling to remind you of Law 12 intricacies. 
Part 1:

Part 2:

Our next meeting is Monday, Nov 18 at YLCC at 6:30 PM.

Week 8 Fall 2019

1) It is going to be hot on Saturday. Please hydrate and offer hydration breaks to teams. Clock continues to run during water breaks. 
2) As discussed at the October monthly meeting, lets focus on communication with coaches this weekend.

 a) Don’t yell and act like a dictator (which is abuse of power). Remain calm. If someone is hollering at you, don’t yell back at them. Speak respectfully and quietly, so the coach must quiet down to hear you.
b) Greet each coach with a firm handshake, a smile and look each coach in the eyes.
Issue firm, but simple instructions to the players so they know you are capable of managing the game..
c) Start the game on time.

3) Thank you to the refs that signed up today, so we did not have to cancel games. JUSA coaches and players are grateful. 
4) Interesting article to review:

5) Have Fun and don’t forget to streeetch! 

Week 7 Fall 2019

A few notes for this weekend:
1) U9-U10 Sub Rules (all coaches have been sent emails) If you are doing U8, U9, or U10 Recreational (NOT SIGNATURE) matches, please remember the substitution procedures:

  • Games are played in QUARTERS
  • Substitutions are ONLY allowed at the quarter break (except for injury, yellow card, etc.)
  • Time STOPS – you have 90 minutes for a 50 minute game. Don’t take the time away from them.
  • It’s a quarter “break” – not a miniature halftime.  Keep it to 2 minutes or less.
  • All players must play at least THREE quarters.
  • You should mark the players sitting out each quarter on the game card to make sure nobody sits out more than one quarter.  That’s why there are boxes for each quarter next to the player’s name on the game card.

2) Coaches need to Sign the Game Cards

  • Sometimes coaches question the score later, but not their initials on the game card. Make sure they sign it at the end of the game.  

3) Shout Outs to Ref Remme, Ref Burdges & Ref Kaden Grubb

  • I received great feedback from coaches about their professionalism and patience with players. “As a coach I was very impressed and as a parent I was very touched.”

4) Monthly Meeting on Monday, 6:30 PM at Yorba Linda Community Center. Raffle for prizes!

Week 6 Notes

It’s a great weekend to ref! Check your schedule! Check your schedule! Some games still available.
Here are some notes. 
1) Humidity is low but make sure you Hydrate!
2) Take two minutes to complete Rec game cards: Coaches are starting to pay attention to standings and scores are becoming important. Make sure they sign game cards and acknowledge the score. 

3) Complete Signature Game Cards: Check player numbers and player cards. Right in jerseys #. Indicate who scored. Coaches required to sign game cards. 

4) Be Safe:  Keep your phone near you at the end of the game. Unfortunately, coaches and parents have approached refs at end of games and unpleasant conversations have ensued. Tell them you are recording the conversation. Tell me about any encounters with coaches and parents. 
5) U8-U10: Subs: Talk to the coaches before the game and agree to sub at quarters. It ensures that all players play 3 quarters of the game as required by JUSA rules. Also, No punting at U8-U10. 
Call the U8-U10 games tight. Parents rather have whistles than worry about flow of the game. 

Don’t forget to Streeetch!! Next meeting is Oct 21, 6:30PM, YLCC

Fall 2019 Week 4

Check your schedule. Almost all games have refs however you may have a two man instead of a three man or are the single ref. Please check the schedule.

JUSA Rec teams do not have player cards again. Signature teams have cards. 

Small chance of rain reminds you to Sign up for Rainedout:
Rainedout is used to tell teams and parents if fields are closed. 

U8 Games only updated sub and side of field rules:
Substitutions will ONLY be allowed during Quarter breaks.  At no other time will a NORMAL substitution be allowed.  This obviously excludes the typical subs for bathroom, crying, injury and any other unusual U8 thru U6 substitution needs.The unusual needs subs can only be for 1 player at a time, and is NOT a water or coaching break but it can be done during a stoppage of play or on the fly.
U8 Side of field:  Home team, (the one listed first on the schedule) has the right to pick what side of the field their team and parents will sit on.  (Its not 1st come first served)We are aware that some fields have shade only on one side.  In this case, we recommend that the visiting team coach ask the home team coach if its possible for the visiting teams parents to sit in the shade as well.Bottom line is that the HOME team has the final say.
Remember to stretch and stay safe! 

Fall 2019 Week 3 Notes

Hello Everyone: It is going to be hot again. Please hydrate tonight and all day tomorrow. Check the schedule, you may be the only ref at the game or have a two man. We still have openings and JUSA Kids really appreciate everyone covering multiple games. 
Water Breaks (schedule them!
We highly encourage you to schedule water breaks. If a player says he is thirsty, call a water break. Tell Coaches at the pre game that you will have water breaks. 
JUSA Rec Cards

Cards are not required for JUSA Rec teams. Coaches should have the medical/registration forms. Not all JUSA teams have rec cards. 

Be at  the Game 30 min early!

Coaches and refs start calling me when they don’t see refs at their games. Be respectful and get there early. Talk to coaches in pre game about game duration and new laws.

Sideline Behavior 

Managing adults at a youth game can be difficult. Always be polite. 
Here is the recommended procedure for handling irresponsible behavior.
1. Please
2. Please
3. Coach, irresponsible behavior is not acceptable. (Warning)
4. Behavior continues, issue a Yellow Card (Caution) to the Coach.
5. Behavior continues, issue a Red Card (Send-off) to the Coach.  

If the spectators are acting irresponsibly, ask them once “Please.”   Do not engage in any further discussion.  If the behavior does not improve go to the coach and follow the above steps.

If you are no longer in control of the match, suspend it (Blow whistle 2 times), call the coaches together, away from everyone else (center circle works), explain to them they have a choice get control of their side or you will terminate the match (abandon is now used in the Laws) and report the incident to me. 

Week 2 Fall 2019

Water Breaks (schedule them!)
Signature has mandated water breaks for each half for their games. For Rec games it is the Referee’s discretion, but I highly encourage you to schedule water breaks. If a player says he is thirsty, call a water break. Tell Coaches at the pre game that you will have water breaks. 

JUSA Rec CardsCards are not required for JUSA Rec teams. Coaches should have the medical/registration forms. Not all JUSA teams have rec cards. 

Be at  the Game 30 min early!Coaches and refs start calling me when they don’t see refs at their games. Be respectful and get there early. Talk to coaches in pre game about game duration and new laws.

Field Maps are located at

Review the new laws: take this 10 question quiz

Find some shade this weekend, hydrate and be safe! 

Thanks for being a referee!

Week 1 Fall 2019

Double-check your schedules as there were some time/field changes. You might be by yourself or have a two man.

BE EARLY – At least 30 minutes prior to your first game. Coaches, and your crew mates, get worried and start calling me and I am working games too.

A link to the fees is on the schedule login landing page. Print it and keep it with you.

Teams pay half.

Only charge for the number of referees that show up.

In the event of a no-show at Signature, subtract the amount for one AR and round up to the nearest dollar. Split evenly if you do 2-whistle or take Center/AR amounts if you use a Club linesman.

If for some reason you end up by yourself, charge 60% of the 3-ref rate.


All divisions may play without player cards this weekend. Signature and InterCity MUST have printed rosters and only players whose names are electronically printed on the roster are eligible to play. Coaches must have signed registration forms which double as your medical release forms.

There are some Rec players who were added late and don’t yet have a uniform. They may play in any shirt that’s generally the same color as their team, or an appropriate pinnie.

Rules for all divisions across all 3 gaming circuits (JUSA Recreational, Cal South Signature, and Cal South Intercity are clearly posted and linked on the schedule page after you login.
If you’ve never done U8 before, REVIEW THE RULES.
Recreational: NO HEADING in U8, U9, U10 or U12
Signature: NO HEADING in U9, U10 or U11. Heading is ALLOWED in Signature U12.

Remember: JUSA Recreational U8, U9, and U10 play QUARTERS in the fall. Substitutions may ONLY be made at the quarter break. Since all players must play at least 3 quarters, you should mark the players sitting out each quarter on the game card so that if you attempt to mark a player sitting out for a second quarter, you can remind the coach of the mandatory, minimum play time requirements.
All other age groups and all Signature and InterCity matches allow unlimited substitutions at any stoppage. Players must play at least 50% of the game – a responsibility of the coach to maintain, but point out any obvious issues.

It will be very warm tomorrow. Allow hydration breaks as needed. Where game schedules allow, add time for the water break.

Lock Combinations: For goals and lockers will be: 1357, 6387, 9522, or 5425.