Fall 2019 Week 4

Check your schedule. Almost all games have refs however you may have a two man instead of a three man or are the single ref. Please check the schedule.

JUSA Rec teams do not have player cards again. Signature teams have cards. 

Small chance of rain reminds you to Sign up for Rainedout: https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=bc37c0695aa155d4f957
Rainedout is used to tell teams and parents if fields are closed. 

U8 Games only updated sub and side of field rules:
Substitutions will ONLY be allowed during Quarter breaks.  At no other time will a NORMAL substitution be allowed.  This obviously excludes the typical subs for bathroom, crying, injury and any other unusual U8 thru U6 substitution needs.The unusual needs subs can only be for 1 player at a time, and is NOT a water or coaching break but it can be done during a stoppage of play or on the fly.
U8 Side of field:  Home team, (the one listed first on the schedule) has the right to pick what side of the field their team and parents will sit on.  (Its not 1st come first served)We are aware that some fields have shade only on one side.  In this case, we recommend that the visiting team coach ask the home team coach if its possible for the visiting teams parents to sit in the shade as well.Bottom line is that the HOME team has the final say.
Remember to stretch and stay safe!