Week 1 Fall 2019

Double-check your schedules as there were some time/field changes. You might be by yourself or have a two man.

BE EARLY – At least 30 minutes prior to your first game. Coaches, and your crew mates, get worried and start calling me and I am working games too.

A link to the fees is on the schedule login landing page. Print it and keep it with you.

Teams pay half.

Only charge for the number of referees that show up.

In the event of a no-show at Signature, subtract the amount for one AR and round up to the nearest dollar. Split evenly if you do 2-whistle or take Center/AR amounts if you use a Club linesman.

If for some reason you end up by yourself, charge 60% of the 3-ref rate.


All divisions may play without player cards this weekend. Signature and InterCity MUST have printed rosters and only players whose names are electronically printed on the roster are eligible to play. Coaches must have signed registration forms which double as your medical release forms.

There are some Rec players who were added late and don’t yet have a uniform. They may play in any shirt that’s generally the same color as their team, or an appropriate pinnie.

Rules for all divisions across all 3 gaming circuits (JUSA Recreational, Cal South Signature, and Cal South Intercity are clearly posted and linked on the schedule page after you login.
If you’ve never done U8 before, REVIEW THE RULES.
Recreational: NO HEADING in U8, U9, U10 or U12
Signature: NO HEADING in U9, U10 or U11. Heading is ALLOWED in Signature U12.

Remember: JUSA Recreational U8, U9, and U10 play QUARTERS in the fall. Substitutions may ONLY be made at the quarter break. Since all players must play at least 3 quarters, you should mark the players sitting out each quarter on the game card so that if you attempt to mark a player sitting out for a second quarter, you can remind the coach of the mandatory, minimum play time requirements.
All other age groups and all Signature and InterCity matches allow unlimited substitutions at any stoppage. Players must play at least 50% of the game – a responsibility of the coach to maintain, but point out any obvious issues.

It will be very warm tomorrow. Allow hydration breaks as needed. Where game schedules allow, add time for the water break.

Lock Combinations: For goals and lockers will be: 1357, 6387, 9522, or 5425.