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Spring 2020 Information

Spring Season is just a few weeks away. First game is March 7. Schedules will probably be posted March 1 or 2. Its always late as outside teams need to designate fields. Only Rec and Rec Gold (Signature or Strong Rec Teams) this season. No Club teams. 
Here are the spring rules. Please review. I have attached the Coach meeting presentation too. 

1) You need to have a 2020 badge. I am removing those refs without a badge from the approved ref list, and you will not be able to self assign. Contact Aileen at if you have questions about your badge. 

2) Ref Fees: Home team will pay 100% of the ref fees. Spring Ref fees are attached. It basically matches Fall 2019 Signature pay at $1.50 per minute. U8 is one ref and all others age groups are assigned 3 refs.

3) No Playoffs this year for any age group or pool. Roughly 100 games per weekend mostly Saturday and a few on Sunday. Sign ups will be limited to 3 games a day to spread the wealth. 

4) Home team will sit on the North or West side of the field. Coaches must stay in technical area. No parents/coaches can sit or stand behind goals. Parents sit on the left side of their team bench. ARs do not have parents behind them! See picture below: 

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 10.15.57 PM.png

5) Teams may borrow up to 3 players or have more than 2 subs on the bench. whichever is less. Teams can only borrow from “players playing up” or same level. For example Club players, can not play on Rec Gold teams and Rec Gold players can not play on Rec teams. You can borrow from the same level and players can play more than one game on the same day. 

6) Substitutions: 50% playing time required for each playerU8, U9, U10: No free subs. Only sub at quarter breaks and at half. 25 min halves, so stop game between 12 and 13 min mark for quarter and allow subs. U11 and older: free subs. 

7) Heading      Combined U11/U12 (Rec/Rec Gold): no heading

Separate Rec Gold U11: no heading

Separate Rec Gold U12: heading allowed

All U13 and above: headers allowed

 8) Cautions for Coaches and Parents are allowed. Refs can end a game via forfeit based on parent sideline behavior. Remember: Ask, Tell, Dismiss. Don’t talk directly to parents. ARs will not have parents behind them so less abuse. 

9)  Player Cards:  All players must be registered with CalSouth. No AYSO players.  

JUSA players will probably have spring cards but always a timing issue.        All players must have medical release forms at field

Players can play with a valid CalSouth Spring 2020 card or Fall 2019 card