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Spring 2021 Week 5 (last weekend)

This is the last weekend of Spring 2021 JUSA Rec Soccer. Super thanks to everyone who refereed JUSA games this year. Without you, the kids could not have played soccer. We did good this spring! 
Just a few notes for the weekend:

1) It’s going to be hot. Take water breaks. Ask the coaches in the pregame if they want one. Remind coaches it is not a coaching moment, it’s a 20 second hydration break and the clock is running. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated! 
2) Be Safe. Keep your phone near you at the end of the game. Unfortunately, coaches and parents have approached refs at the end of games and unpleasant conversations have ensued. Tell them you are recording the conversation. Tell me about any encounters with coaches and parents. 
3) Be Calm, Stay Calm: the heat this weekend might make everyone a little edgy so if the sideline gets agitated, find your inner ref place and ask nicely: 1)  please coach, control your sideline. 2) Please coach I am asking you 3) please coach I am telling you. Caution and then red card.  Ask, Tell, Dismiss. 
4) Run with the play! Don’t be a “center circle” ref and make sure if you are the center, run the field. Kids, coaches and parents will appreciate your energy and your close up viewpoint. You want to be neither too close nor too far from the action: 10-12 yards is a good rule of thumb. If you are the AR, run along the touchline, between the halfway line and the goal line, keeping level with the 2nd-to-last-defender or the ball, whichever is closer to the goal line. Keep up! 
5) Have Fun! Have Fun! Have Fun! 
After this weekend, the next JUSA Rec game is the Friendship Tournament in mid August followed by first games on Sept 11. 

Spring 2021 Week 4

Sideline Behavior 

Managing adults at a youth game can be difficult. Always be polite. Two coaches have been suspended this season due to sideline behavior. 

Here is the recommended procedure for handling irresponsible behavior.
1. Please
2. Please
3. Coach, irresponsible behavior is not acceptable. (Warning)
4. Behavior continues, issue a Yellow Card (Caution) to the Coach.
5. Behavior continues, issue a Red Card (Send-off) to the Coach.  

If the spectators are acting irresponsibly, ask them once “Please.”   Do not engage in any further discussion.  If the behavior does not improve go to the coach and follow the above steps.

If you are no longer in control of the match, suspend it (Blow whistle 2 times), call the coaches together, away from everyone else (center circle works), explain to them they have a choice get control of their side or you will terminate the match (abandon is now used in the Laws) and report the incident to me. 

JUSA Rec Cards

Cards are not required for JUSA Rec teams. Coaches should have the medical/registration forms. Not all JUSA teams have rec cards. 

Be at the Game 30 min early!

Coaches and refs start calling me when they don’t see refs at their games. Be respectful and get there early. Talk to coaches in pre game about game duration, sideline behavior. 

U8-U10: Subs: Talk to the coaches before the game and agree to sub at quarters. It ensures that all players play 3 quarters of the game as required by JUSA rules. Also, No punting at U8-U10. 
Call the U8-U10 games tight. Parents rather have whistles than worry about flow of the game.