JUSA Signature Friendship Tournament 2017 – Aug 5th/6th

Keep games on time.  There should be enough time between games – 40 minute games have 60 minute spacing, 50 minute games have 70 minute spacing, etc.
Allow water breaks if necessary or requested – AR’s should have sidelines prepared – make them quick…
Record scores on game card coaches have and return to them.  Sample attached.

Tournament Rules are attached.  Here’s a rundown:

U9 – 20 minute halves  (Final is 25, but only B9 has a final and NOCRA is covering)
U10 – 25 minute halves all games
U11/U12 – 25 minute halves (Final is 30 minutes)
U13 – 30 minute halves (FRYSC/NOCRA covering finals)
U14/U15 – 35 minute halves all games

No overtime in any games – straight to kicks for Semi-finals or Finals (designated on schedule).  No kicks needed if a Consolation game ties.

U12 games are 9v9 as they will be this fall.  U11 games continue to be 9v9 as they were last year.

BUILD OUT LINE – U9, U10 & U11 ( ** NOT U12 ** )
Using 10-second rule from last fall’s Signature League and JUSA Spring League.  Use your words if the team is close to 10 seconds – should be able to avoid the indirect free kick for violating 10 seconds.
No modification of offside for build-out line

HEADING – no heading U9/U10/U11.  U12 heading is okay as it’s a single-year division
Indirect Free Kick – move to top of penalty area if by defense in their own area.

Coin toss for side/kick-off

Quick equipment check – no need to check cards/medical releases

No casts