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Recertification for 2015

Recertification for Grades 7 through 9 is now an online process

Go to the correct link below and follow ALL the instructions:
Step 1 – Pay
Step 2 – Complete online modules
Step 3 – Wait for badge in the mail

If you do not know your login or password for Cal South’s systems, you must contact their support.

New Certification and Recertification Process

Cal South State Referee Committee has been working on a new process for both the USSF registration procedure and administration of courses.  Both will be explained in detail below:

Effective immediately, the registration process for New Entry Grade 8 referees will be as follows:

1)    Interested individuals will register online and pay their USSF registration fee. ($45)

2)    They will next register and pay for a 4 hour field training they wish to attend. ($10)

3)    They will then have to complete the USSF Grade 8 online modules and exam.

USSF is providing Cal South the online module test results on a weekly basis. We are able to verify if the whole module was viewed, any failed attempts and their passing score. Cal South will use this report that is generated on Wednesdays to verify if a registered member completed this pre-course assignment. Upon verification, each individual will be emailed to confirm they are allowed to attend the field portion of the course scheduled for that weekend.  Absolutely no Walk-in’s will be allowed.

Field portions will be held at each location in two sessions, a morning session and afternoon session. This will allow a more flexible timeframe from which individuals can choose from. At the end of their field session, they will be given their badge. The field sessions will have bigger turn outs and Cal South will provide a team of instructors for each.

Locations have been selected based on previous years requested locations and our best efforts to strategically select locations within a reasonable travel distance for all.

For those interested in registering for a New Entry Grade 8 please click here and select “Referee Entry Course” under Event Type, then click Search.

 Effective immediately, the registration process for Re-certifying Grade 8 & 7 referees will be as follows:

1.)    Returning referees will register online and pay their USSF registration fee ($45/$50)

2.)    They will then complete their online modules and exam.

Verification of online test taken will be done once a week on Wednesdays. Both modules and payment will need to have been done by this time in order to be approved and have badge mailed out.

If either is missing by this time, they will have to wait until the following review (Wednesday) to be approved. Updated Registered Officials List will still be uploaded every Thursday evening.

Maintenance requirements: 5 hour in service training

With regards to Upgrades:

We conducted our upgrades for 2014 at the end of last year in 2013. We will not be holding another upgrade session for the 2014 registration year. Those who missed any of the three upgrade sessions will need to wait until we hold them again for the 2015 registration year. 2013 State officials can either choose to register as a Grade 7 this year or go Emeritus, with the chance to resume their state grade in 2015.

Please make sure to review a full detail of all requirements for each grade by clicking here.