Week 2 Fall 2019

Water Breaks (schedule them!)
Signature has mandated water breaks for each half for their games. For Rec games it is the Referee’s discretion, but I highly encourage you to schedule water breaks. If a player says he is thirsty, call a water break. Tell Coaches at the pre game that you will have water breaks. 

JUSA Rec CardsCards are not required for JUSA Rec teams. Coaches should have the medical/registration forms. Not all JUSA teams have rec cards. 

Be at  the Game 30 min early!Coaches and refs start calling me when they don’t see refs at their games. Be respectful and get there early. Talk to coaches in pre game about game duration and new laws.

Field Maps are located at JUSA.org

Review the new laws: take this 10 question quizhttps://forms.gle/qSGWbQXjGuockkcz7

Find some shade this weekend, hydrate and be safe! 

Thanks for being a referee!