Week 6 Notes

It’s a great weekend to ref! Check your schedule! Check your schedule! Some games still available.
Here are some notes. 
1) Humidity is low but make sure you Hydrate!
2) Take two minutes to complete Rec game cards: Coaches are starting to pay attention to standings and scores are becoming important. Make sure they sign game cards and acknowledge the score. 

3) Complete Signature Game Cards: Check player numbers and player cards. Right in jerseys #. Indicate who scored. Coaches required to sign game cards. 

4) Be Safe:  Keep your phone near you at the end of the game. Unfortunately, coaches and parents have approached refs at end of games and unpleasant conversations have ensued. Tell them you are recording the conversation. Tell me about any encounters with coaches and parents. 
5) U8-U10: Subs: Talk to the coaches before the game and agree to sub at quarters. It ensures that all players play 3 quarters of the game as required by JUSA rules. Also, No punting at U8-U10. 
Call the U8-U10 games tight. Parents rather have whistles than worry about flow of the game. 

Don’t forget to Streeetch!! Next meeting is Oct 21, 6:30PM, YLCC