JUSA Cup Weekend

Minimum Play Time for JUSA Cup games
The most important thing to remember is that, just like in regular season, minimum play time rules are still in effect throughout JUSA Cup play.
This is enforced by the referees by marking the players who sit out each quarter. Substitutions are ONLY made at the quarter breaks.

U-12 to U-19 MUST PLAY 1/2 OF THE GAME.
Referees should make a mental note of those players sitting out to start and make sure they get subbed in. If a player sits out the entire first half, remind the coach they must play the entire second half.

If a game goes to extra time, every player must play in at least one of the two extra time periods provided that both are played.
Game Duration

Quarterfinals (Saturday morning games)
U9/U10 games will have 20 minute halves (with quarter breaks)
U12/U14 games will have 25 minute halves
Semifinals (Sat afternoon) and Finals (Sunday Afternoon)

Regulation length:
U9/U10 games will have 25 minute halves (with quarter breaks)
U12 games will have 30 minute halves
B14 games will have 35 minute halves
Referee fees remain the same as regular season JUSA Recreational games

Determination of a Winner:
Quarterfinals go straight to Kicks from the Mark
Semifinals and Finals have up to two extra time periods with
(first goal scored wins the game). If still tied, then proceed to Kicks from the Mark.
Extra time duration (each period):
U9/U10: 5 minutes
U12: 5 minutes
B14: 10 minutes
Kicks from the Mark

Reminder: For 7v7 and 9v9 games, the penalty mark is 10 yards from the goal line, not 12. And, these fields have varying size goal and penalty areas from the 6yd/18yd larger fields, so the penalty spot will not be equidistant between the two areas. You will have to step it off.