Spring 2021 Week One

First Spring 2021 JUSA games will be from May 8th to June 13th. Only Rec and Rec Gold (Signature or Strong Rec Teams) this season. No Club teams. 

Follow CalSouth Referee COVID protocols. Referee must wear a face mask during pre game, half time and after game. It is the Referee choice to wear a mask on the field. Practice social distancing and do not share equipment. Perform proper hand hygiene before play, half time and after the game.

1) You need to have a 2021 badge. I am removing those refs without a badge from the approved ref list, and you will not be able to self assign. Contact  refereeregistration@calsouth.com if you have questions about your badge. 

2) Ref Fees: Home team will pay 100% of the ref fees. Spring Ref fees are attached. Pay is calculated at $1.70 per minute. 7×7 and 9v9 games may have one referee due to shortage of referees.

3) Player Cards Cards are not required this weekend.  Hopefully everything will be sorted out by next weekend.  

4) Water Breaks: it is going to be hot this weekend. Work with coaches with breaks midway thru the half. It is not a coaching moment but a 30 second water break.

5) Home team chooses their sideline. There’s no “North”/”West” in the spring as teams travel to other cities and the home team providing the field should get their choice.

Coaches must stay in technical area. No parents/coaches can sit or stand behind goals. Parents sit on the left side of their team bench. ARs do not have parents behind them! In general do not talk to parents, only to coaches.

6) No Dogs, No Dogs, No Dogs. School signs on fields prohibit animals on field. At Park fields, Dogs need to be at least 15 yards away from the field.

7) Have Fun, Have Fun Have Fun. It’s great for the kids to be able to play soccer again!