Spring 2021 Weekend 2

Good start to the Spring program last weekend. I did not hear of many problems (only on my game when I was center! LOL) We had referees on every game. Thank you for your dedication. 

Just a few reminders this week. Arrive 30 min before the game. Coaches get nervous if they don’t see a yellow shirt near by.

1) Ref Fees: Home team will pay 100% of the ref fees. Spring Ref fees are attached. Pay is calculated at $1.70 per minute. 7×7 and 9v9 games may have one referee due to shortage of referees. I added the “two ref fee” schedule but use a club linesman. 

2) Player Cards: Cards are not required this weekend. Many teams will have cards. Others will not. Hopefully every team will have cards next weekend.  

3 ) Home team chooses their sideline. There’s no “North”/”West” in the spring as teams travel to other cities and the home team providing the field should get their choice.

Coaches must stay in the technical area. No parents/coaches can sit or stand behind goals. Parents sit on the left side of their team bench. ARs do not have parents behind them! In general do not talk to parents, only to coaches.

4) Substitution Policy: 50% playing time required for every player. U8, U9, U10: no free subs. only sub at quarter breaks and at half. 25 min games, stop the game between 12 and 13 min mark for quarter and allow subs. This policy allowed for easy accountability with 50% playing time. 
U11 and older: free subs. 

5) Protect the young ARs:  Center referees please do not allow coaches or parents to talk/yell/ scream or disrespect ARs (especially new young refs). We need to encourage & motivate young referees to return for the next game and next season. Parents should not be behind ARs. 

6) Super thanks for refereeing. You are making a difference in the community!