Spring 2021 Week 3

“I just want you to know that refereeing was so great for my son. It was his first job and he learned time management, money management, conflict resolution, scheduling and accountability just to name a few. He credits it so much that even still today when people ask him how he became so confident and well spoken at a young age he always says “because I started refereeing and interacting with angry adults when I was just a kid.” 

1) Player Cards: Cards are not required this weekend. Many teams will have cards. Others will not.

2) Home team chooses their sideline. There’s no “North”/”West” in the spring as teams travel to other cities and the home team providing the field should get their choice.

Coaches must stay in the technical area. No parents/coaches can sit or stand behind goals. Parents sit on the left side of their team bench. ARs do not have parents behind them! In general do not talk to parents, only to coaches.

3) Substitution Policy: 50% playing time required for every player. U8, U9, U10: no free subs. only sub at quarter breaks and at half. 25 min games, stop the game between 12 and 13 min mark for quarter and allow subs. This policy allowed for easy accountability with 50% playing time. 
U11 and older: free subs. 

4) Game Management:  Remember you set the tone the minute you walk on the field. Be Calm, Confident and Cool! And always look out for player safety. Parents and coaches will not complain about calling too many fouls.

5) No Two Mans: it is an insurance issue.  If there are only 2 refs then basically 1 flag and 1 whistle. And the club linesman standing on the flag on the other side. They only raise their flag straight up if they clearly see the ball go over either line. They can’t signal direction for a throw in nor goal kick/corner kick. The referee should be working the center toward the club linesman side of the field so as to make calls as if it is a 2 man diagonal system. And the AR should flag all calls as if it is a 2 man system. AR can set up restarts from their sideline, referee whistles everything in.

6) Thanks for being involved in the community. You are making memories for the kids!