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Spring – Week 1

Player Cards
Cards are not required this weekend.  Hopefully everything will be sorted out by next weekend.
Fee schedule is linked on the referee schedule site
Charge only for the number of refs who show up.
Full rules are posted on the JUSA website.  Here’s a direct link: https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/0147/9285/JUSA_Spring_League_Rules_2018.docx__1_.pdf

Home team chooses their sideline. There’s no “North”/”West” is the home side in spring as teams travel to other cities and the home team providing the field should get their choice.
We would prefer teams on opposite sides of the field.  Some RecSelectGold (Signature) teams might elect to setup a coaches’ side and spectators side. This is okay for 11v11 games and some 9v9 games.  However, for 7v7 it can become an issue with parents too close to opposing parents – work it out if there are any issues.
7v7 rules are just like in Fall as far as Build-Out lines and offside.  Games are played in halves with free substitutions.  NO QUARTER BREAKS
For 9v9 you must see if you are doing a Rec or RecSelectGold game – it’s in the “Type” column on the referee schedule:
  • Rec U12 may NOT head as it’s a combined U11/U12 bracket.
  • RecSelectGold U11 may NOT head.
  • RecSelectGold U12 CAN HEAD.
Time Change
Clocks skip ahead on Sunday – don’t be late to your Sunday games!

JUSA Fall Season 2018-2019

Fall season is approaching!

Upcoming Events:

August 4th/5th – JUSA Signature Friendship Tournament

These are paid tournament games at local JUSA fields. Be sure to get your availability sent via e-mail in order to be assigned.

August 11th – JUSA Friendship Games – Olders

JUSA Recreational teams U12 and above play pre-season friendlies.  This is also the best day for training new referees.

Games are paid, via check, at a subsequent monthly meeting

August 18th – JUSA Friendship Games – Youngers

JUSA Recreational teams U10 and below play pre-season friendlies.  More training is available for new referees.

Games are paid, via check, at a subsequent monthly meeting

August 25th – JUSA Recreational League season opens

JUSA Recreational teams begin regular season play

September 8th – Cal South leagues open

Cal South Signature League and Cal South Intercity League start regular season play

November and beyond

Leagues start post-season play around Thanksgiving, to be completed in December.  JUSA All-Star games are also in December/January.