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Spring League – Week 4 – Important Info

importantinfoGame Cards
Referees are asked to place the signed game cards from every game in the field lockers for the rest of the season. 
Sometimes there are reasons for the league to consult these game cards after the game has been completed.  If they are returned to the coaches to take home, then this is not possible.
No Card, No Play
Last weekend at least 4 or 5 players were not allowed to play due to not having a valid, laminated, photo player card.  The coaches are all aware that this is a requirement so there should be no excuses and no reasons for any exceptions.


Avoid the Center Circle!

As a referee, it’s never good to stay in one place and lingering in the center circle often means you get in the way of play.  This extreme example involving former Canadian FIFA referee Silviu Petrescu in a recent MLS game shows exactly why you should get out of that circle as soon as possible:

Spring League – Week 1 – Important Info

importantinfoThis weekend’s schedule is now finalized and, as of this moment, all refereeing spots have been filled.

Make sure you are EARLY to your assignments – 30 minutes at least.  I start getting phone calls from nervous coaches at 8:45am when you aren’t already at the field.

If there are locked gate issues, locked equipment issues, etc., let me know by 8:40am since I am refereeing at 9am and will start checking teams in by 8:45.

You can solve most of these problems on your own with these important contacts from the JUSA Handbook:

Yorba Linda Area Director – Gary Farrell 818-262-0598
Placenta Area Director – James Harman 714-863-7056

The above can help with locked school gates or locked equipment (goals & lockers)
In addition, you can also try:

Director of Field Equipment – Dick Bednar – 714-345-6890

KEEP GAMES ON TIME – Games are stacked closer together than Recreational games in the fall.  You only have 90 minutes between 60 & 70 minute games and that includes halftime and checking in the next set of teams.

Sunset is 5:54pm so at fields where there are 4:30 start times, the morning referees need to keep to the schedule so these last games can be played while it’s still light out.

Time Change this Weekend

Do not forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday night.  No excuses for being an hour late to games on Sunday.

Player Cards

Player cards are not required for games this weekend.  The coach should have signed Medical Releases (CalSouth Player Registration Forms) for all players.  If not, make sure the parents are present at the game and plan to stay, just in case there is a severe injury.

Let the coach know they should have those forms with them at all times, including at practices.

Rule Differences
There are some important rule differences for JUSA spring soccer for all brackets (Recreational and Select):
  • All age brackets allow free substitutions, at any stoppage, with permission of the referee, at all age levels.
  • There are no quarter breaks like we usually have on the small-sided 8v8 games.  Depending on weather, and with agreement of both coaches, you may stop the game for a brief “water break” if deemed necessary, but spring schedules are much tighter than fall so keep the games on time.
  • Home team chooses which sideline they occupy.  While this is not necessarily a refereeing issue, we are often asked to arbitrate such disagreements. Since spring games are played in many cities using many associations’ fields, the home team, per the schedule, is given the opportunity to choose which sideline they prefer.
  • Guest players: With teams often having players involved with more than one spring sport, sometimes teams need to use guest players.  However, no guest club players are allowed.
  • In addition, uniforms in Spring might not always be….uniform.  As long as the referees and players can tell which team is which, whatever they wear is okay even if they are different shades of a common color or the jerseys/T-shirts are different styles.  There should be a number on the back even if it’s written on with marker or applied with tape so the referee can identify individual players.  Mismatched shorts and sock colors don’t matter.In the event of matching colors, home team should be asked to change or wear pinnies.  Speak with the coaches and have everyone be reasonable about working with you to make sure the game can be played.

Referee fees are mostly based on the Fall rates for Recreational games.  A document outlining the fee schedule for spring is here:

JUSA Spring 2014 Referee Fees

It is everyone’s responsibility in the referee crew to bring small bills in order to split the fees correctly.  

U10 Select 11v11

Teams playing in the U10 Select bracket will be playing 11v11 with full-sized goals as practice for moving to U11 in the Fall season.  These games will be played at Y23 Woodsboro, P10 Wagner and on Sundays at Y36 Brush Canyon.  Games will be 60 minutes in length and the fees will be the same as U11/U12: $72.

U10 games at Y5 Mabel Paine and CP1/2 Brookhaven will be small-sided, 8v8, with the small, 6’x18′ goals.

No-Show Teams

In the event that one team does not show up for some reason, DO NOT collect any fees from the team that DOES show up.  Tell the team that does show up to record the score as a 1-0 win.

It has been decided this spring that if a team fails to show for a game, they are responsible for 100% of the referee fees.  They will be required to submit the fees to the JUSA office by the following Wednesday or further sanctions such as additional forfeits, standings point deductions, or bans from post-season play may be incurred.

Please inform me if there is a no-show and let me know if the online schedule accurately reflects the referee crew that was present so that once payment is made I can pass it along to those affected.

New Certification and Recertification Process

Cal South State Referee Committee has been working on a new process for both the USSF registration procedure and administration of courses.  Both will be explained in detail below:

Effective immediately, the registration process for New Entry Grade 8 referees will be as follows:

1)    Interested individuals will register online and pay their USSF registration fee. ($45)

2)    They will next register and pay for a 4 hour field training they wish to attend. ($10)

3)    They will then have to complete the USSF Grade 8 online modules and exam.

USSF is providing Cal South the online module test results on a weekly basis. We are able to verify if the whole module was viewed, any failed attempts and their passing score. Cal South will use this report that is generated on Wednesdays to verify if a registered member completed this pre-course assignment. Upon verification, each individual will be emailed to confirm they are allowed to attend the field portion of the course scheduled for that weekend.  Absolutely no Walk-in’s will be allowed.

Field portions will be held at each location in two sessions, a morning session and afternoon session. This will allow a more flexible timeframe from which individuals can choose from. At the end of their field session, they will be given their badge. The field sessions will have bigger turn outs and Cal South will provide a team of instructors for each.

Locations have been selected based on previous years requested locations and our best efforts to strategically select locations within a reasonable travel distance for all.

For those interested in registering for a New Entry Grade 8 please click here and select “Referee Entry Course” under Event Type, then click Search.

 Effective immediately, the registration process for Re-certifying Grade 8 & 7 referees will be as follows:

1.)    Returning referees will register online and pay their USSF registration fee ($45/$50)

2.)    They will then complete their online modules and exam.

Verification of online test taken will be done once a week on Wednesdays. Both modules and payment will need to have been done by this time in order to be approved and have badge mailed out.

If either is missing by this time, they will have to wait until the following review (Wednesday) to be approved. Updated Registered Officials List will still be uploaded every Thursday evening.

Maintenance requirements: 5 hour in service training

With regards to Upgrades:

We conducted our upgrades for 2014 at the end of last year in 2013. We will not be holding another upgrade session for the 2014 registration year. Those who missed any of the three upgrade sessions will need to wait until we hold them again for the 2015 registration year. 2013 State officials can either choose to register as a Grade 7 this year or go Emeritus, with the chance to resume their state grade in 2015.

Please make sure to review a full detail of all requirements for each grade by clicking here.

Spring Schedule Online

The JUSA Spring schedule is now loaded into the referee schedule system – click Schedules
Brendon Garabito will be assigning referees to all U16/U19 games at JUSA fields as well as all other games at P11 Sierra Vista since there are some U14’s mixed in with the 16’s & 19’s.  Contact him at if you are interested in those games.
There may still be some slight changes to the schedule.  I will let you know if any of these affect your referee schedules.