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Signature Tournament 2019


Some refs are doing games on multiple fields, some at the same venue and some at multiple venues.
Coaches may also have multiple teams.
Keep the games on schedule so there are no issues that arise out of running late on start times.

U9 – 20 minute halves (25 minute halves in Finals)
U10 – 25 minute halves
U11 – 25 minute halves (30 minute halves in Finals)
U12 – 25 minute halves (30 minute halves in Finals)
U13 – 30 minute halves (35 minute halves in Finals)
U14 – 35 minute halves (including the B2006 teams combined with B2005)
U15 – 35 minute halves
No extra time – straight to Kicks in Finals.
Unlimited substitutions at any stoppage

Build-out lines in use for 7v7 games

No heading in U11 and under.
Heading allowed in U12 and above

No requirement to sub out on a caution

Referees on 9am games should be ON THEIR ASSIGNED FIELD no later than 8:30am. This does not mean you pull into the parking lot at 8:40am and then slowly walk out to find the rest of your crew who already did all the pre-game work for you.
Home team chooses which side to sit on and changes jersey colors if conflicting.
Check-in for equipment only – no need to check player cards/medical releases.
Kick off: Home chooses side and provides three game balls. Visitors kick off.
Record scores on game card provided by coach RETURN TO THE COACH as it’s used for the entire tournament.

No hard casts (even wrapped in bubble wrap),

All players must play 50% of the game.