Week 8 Fall 2019

1) It is going to be hot on Saturday. Please hydrate and offer hydration breaks to teams. Clock continues to run during water breaks. 
2) As discussed at the October monthly meeting, lets focus on communication with coaches this weekend.

 a) Don’t yell and act like a dictator (which is abuse of power). Remain calm. If someone is hollering at you, don’t yell back at them. Speak respectfully and quietly, so the coach must quiet down to hear you.
b) Greet each coach with a firm handshake, a smile and look each coach in the eyes.
Issue firm, but simple instructions to the players so they know you are capable of managing the game..
c) Start the game on time.

3) Thank you to the refs that signed up today, so we did not have to cancel games. JUSA coaches and players are grateful. 
4) Interesting article to review: https://www.referee.com/16-unwritten-rules-of-officiating/

5) Have Fun and don’t forget to streeetch!